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At The Data Literacy Foundation, we believe in enabling nonprofits, foundations, and social ventures with data literacy.  

In close collaboration with our clients, we create data literacy strategies, kickstart the journey to Data Fluency, build data-oriented capabilities, provide knowledge of best practices, and run data literacy activities such as workshops and events. 

Our international network of open-hearted data experts contains amazing people with a passion for and a specialized understanding of the complex challenges of today’s world.  

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 We’re looking for the best and brightest minds who are seeking a sense of community and opportunities to learn and get involved in making the world a data literate place.

We are looking for technology vendors, thought leaders, data strategist, trainers, and companies that share the same mission as us to increase the rate of data literacy for everyone in the world. 

Services for Nonprofits and Foundations


  • Data Literacy Strategy 
  • Knowledge Management Strategy 
  • Social Learning Platform 
  • Data Literacy Activities: Workshops, events, and training.
  • Data Journey Jump Start
  • Analytics and Data Strategy
  • Design and Visualization 
  • Best Practices Knowledge Repository


Get Started with our Enterprise Data Literacy Program Toolkit:

This toolkit will enable you to create your own Enterprise Data Literacy Program.Using our Discovery, Strategy, Design, Delivery methodology and the tools we provide, you will be able to craft a program that identifies, confronts, and solves the issues with Data Literacy in your organization. The toolkit includes:

  • The 5 Cs of Data Literacy 
  • The Data Literacy Canvas 
  • The Data Maturity Assessment 
  • The Analytics Maturity Assessment ...and much more  

A Guide to Data Literacy Book

This book is the result of collaboration with the experts in the field of data literacy. A Guide to Data Literacy will walk you through a practical approach to build an Enterprise Data Literacy Program. 

About Us



We started our passion for increasing the data literacy rate in the world by starting a podcast and Vlog to share our knowledge.  

Data Literates is the first ever podcast specifically dedicated to Data Literacy and the rising effort to improve Data Literacy in the world. We use our EDLP (Enterprise Data Literacy Program) framework to educate our audience about practical and actionable solutions that enable a Data Literate Organization.

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